CC-008 | Cyber Security 1: Network Security Fundamentals

This entry-level course is designed for those entering the field of cybersecurity or anyone looking for a solid foundation in the basics of networking and operating systems. This class will combine and sequence all the necessary skills to learn, not in a checklist-based approach, but rather in a scaffolded process that builds upon each learning concept.

This class is hands-on. The goal is not just to help you pass the certification tests with a checklist approach, but to show you how to build complete network environments on your own. You will learn to understand customer requirements and translate them into appropriately designed computer and network environments with the features specified by the client and with the ability to expand and extend when needed.

Students will learn through repetition not only the foundational concepts (conceptual acquisition) but the operational skills to do the job once employed. This skilled approach will allow students to demonstrate their abilities in an interview, even those that involve a whiteboard and colorful markers, whenever the interviewer asks, “Draw me a solution for this problem….”.

Hardware requirements: Computer with a minimum of 4 cores, 16GB of RAM, storage of 1TB (could be installed in the system or used through a USB attachment).

Software Requirements: VMware Workstation Player v16 (free) or VMware Workstation Pro v16 highly recommended (student license $119). Towards the end of this level, students are able to take these CompTIA tests: A+ (2 tests), Network+ (1 test) and Security+ (1 test) as well as the Cisco CCNA (1 test).

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