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List of Courses & Programs Currently Open for Registration:

Data Analysis for the Absolute Beginner

This six-hour course will introduce basic statistical and scientific methods in data analysis in an easy to understand manner without the need for a background in mathematics.  While the course is designed for participants with no background in statistics, it can also be useful for professionals with some experience analyzing raw data. You’ll learn to apply methods in summarizing data, basic data visualization, and predicting or decision making with data. Topics include understanding sampling, data spread and standard deviation, various chart types, hypothesis testing, and regression analysis.

Excel III - Advanced Data Analysis

This class explores the advanced features of Excel 2016 and will teach attendees how to: automate worksheet functionality; analyze data; work with multiple workbooks; explore data and import/export XML data. This class is geared toward participants who are already familiar with Excel but would like to become more proficient with the advanced functions of Excel 2016. If you perform any of the following tasks, this class is a must: accounting/budgeting, data analysis, forecasting or collection/verification of business data.

Mortgage Loan Officer Training

The Mortgage Loan Officer Training Program is a comprehensive 120-hour training program designed to give you the skills and licenses needed to enter the mortgage banking workforce. Training topics include: mortgage basics and terminology, NMLS required federal and state training (NJ), customer qualifications and credit analysis, lending guidelines and procedures, the mortgage process (prequalification to post-closing), upon completion of the course and satisfactory test results, students will be eligible to receive NJ Mortgage Loan Originators License, fee $4,000

QuickBooks Certified User & Basic Bookkeeping

Focus is on the basic principles of Bookkeeping and QuickBooks Pro. In 13 weeks, students use hands on training, working with two different business cases: Inventory and Non–Inventory. This training takes the student with no knowledge to a Certified User, fully prepared for the workplace. Practice tests and official exam are included.