Bergen is pleased to offer a growing number of core and specialty programs in both Construction Management and Construction Administration and Licensing.  For professionals in the field, we recommend one of our certificate programs in Construction Management, Construction Document Technology & Field Construction Management or Construction & Project Management.  If you are interested in becoming a NJ State-licensed Uniform Construction Code inspector, please see all of the NJ state-approved programs Bergen offers.

Construction Management Programs

Please register early. For more information, please call Roseanne Crisafi at (201) 447-7488. You can register online or over the phone. If you do not see anything listed in our current offerings, email or for assistance.

Steps Toward Construction Administration and Licensing

Administrative Licenses:

  1. Sub-Code Official (Administrative)
  2. Construction Code Official (Administrative)

Technical Licenses:

  1. RCS – Residential Commercial Structures (Building Inspector licensure)
  2. ICS – Industrial Commercial Structures
  3. HHS – Hazardous High-rise Structures
  • Attendance requirements are mandated for each course by the state; however, attendance does not ensure licensing. Prerequisites for all courses will be enforced by the Licensing Bureau, New Jersey State Department of Community Affairs.
  • After successfully completing each of the required courses, please contact Experior Assessments (800) 864-5309, for a candidate guide (a licensing requirement), which will enable you to sit for the state exam.
  • For information on how to apply for your license, contact the New Jersey State Department of Community Affairs, Bureau of Construction Code Services by calling (609) 984-7834.
  • The New Jersey State Department of Community Affairs offers students a 75% reimbursement of the tuition for qualified applicants. If you have any questions about qualifying for any of these courses, you must talk to the Department of Community Affairs before you register! 609 984-7834. There are no refunds once classes are started.

Technical level courses must be taken in sequence. Please register early. For more information, please call (201) 447-7488.  You can register on-line or over the phone!

List of Courses & Programs Currently Open for Registration:

30 Hour OSHA Construction Industry Health & Safety Certification

The 30-hour Construction OSHA Outreach Training Program is intended to provide a variety of training to workers with some safety responsibility. Training emphasizes hazard identification, avoidance, control, and prevention.

Course attendees must have 2 forms of I.D.; one must be a State I.D. with a photo. At successful course completion, a $10.00 fee is due to the instructor to receive the 30-hour Construction Safety OSHA Certification I.D. Cards delivered after the course has ended.

IMPORTANT NOTE: According to OSHA regulations: to receive certification absolutely


Basic to Intermediate Blueprint Reading

This 40-hour in depth course is an introduction to reading blueprints and architectural working drawings, understand how to use scales, read symbols, learn to locate and interpret sections, profiles and cross sections, learn to read and understand schedules, details and notes.

Please bring the course textbook to the first class session. This course must be completed prior to registering for: CD 582 Construction Estimating Basics and CD 136 Advanced Blueprint Reading.

Required texts: Building Trades Print Reading Part 2 – Sixth Ed. – Residential & Light Commercial Construction, Building Trades Print Reading Part 2 “Plans” published by American Technical Publishers. Textbooks are available at the BCC Bookstore.

Building Inspector RCS

This 90-hour course provides students with the fundamental knowledge and educational experience required by the state for licensure under this title. Topics include: structural design and analysis techniques, wood framing construction foundations; materials – materials standards, field identification of requirements, inspection techniques, inspection tools and methods; and other related topics from the International Residential Code. Required textInternational Residential Code (latest New Jersey edition). Available at

Construction Official

This 45-hour course is divided into four main areas: Administration, Legal Methods of Code Enforcement, Legislation and Sub-Code. This course reviews the duties of the construction code official.

Prerequisite: Sub Code Official

Electrical Inspector HHS

This 45-hour course covers: system design, electrical service design and sizing, branch circuitand feeder design, appliance and motor circuits, plan review and field inspection, systematic plans analysis, material requirements, installation methods, basic inspection, report writing, violation notices, inspection and recordkeeping, Uniform Construction Code organization and content, electrical subcode and other related ICS.

Elevator Inspector HHS

This 90-hour course is designed to provide Elevator Inspectors with the fundamental knowledge and educational experience required by the state for licensure under this title. Topics include: testing and inspections on escalators, elevators, lifts and hoisting equipment and all related construction.Prerequisite: Seven years related experience.

Fire Inspector ICS

This 120-hour program is designed to prepare the students to obtain the licensing in the Fire Protection discipline of the NJ UCC. Course work includes the building use groups, types of construction, height and area, fire protection systems and means of egress. Students will learn when the building codes require such systems and equipment in new renovated structures along with the standards for systems installations and acceptance testing, course textbook information is provided the first day of class.

Negotiating Construction Contracts

Negotiating is an essential skill in today’s dynamic construction projects negotiating effectively is vital to project success. Unlock value negotiating in real time close deals, negotiate prices, and set contracts to benefit your project.  Maximize value, and resolve differences before they escalate into costly conflicts. Explore analytical tools and interpersonal techniques for dealing effectively with different bargaining styles and tactics.  

  • Understand negotiation dynamics, prepare for uncertainty
  • Craft agile strategy, be quick on your feet and find the zone of possible agreement
  • Resolve small differences before they escalate
  • Secure maximum value for your project, organization and yourself
  • Reflect on personal tendencies, refine your approach to be more effective
  • Managing the negotiating process with bargaining tactics, style, and emotion

Plumbing Inspector ICS

This 120-hour course is designed to provide students with the fundamental knowledge and educational experience required by the state for licensure under this title. Required textUCC Book

Sub Code Official

This 45-hour course is divided into three main areas: Administration, Legal Aspects of Code Enforcement and related Legislation. You must have at least one technical license in order to get the Sub Code license. Duties include: reviewing construction documents and building plans for sub-code compliance.

Required text: UCC Book