Fashion Design

List of Courses & Programs Currently Open for Registration:

Art Portfolio

Learn to sketch and create a fashion design portfolio. You will learn to sketch the croquis, different fashion poses, draw fashion styles and silhouettes, flat drawings, etc. You will be using a variety of art media, including color pencils, acrylics, Procreate, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Basic Sewing Fashion & Home Decor

Fun Projects!!!! Make your own pillows, ornaments, bags, shorts, scarves and hats by using different hand and machine sewing techniques that you will learn in class. You will also learn how to create patches, knit, crochet and the art of hand embroidery.

Fashion Collection II

Build on the skills learned in Fashion Collection I. Expand on your collection with evening wear or sportswear, for either men or women, and continue to expand your skills in drawing clothes using color pencils and in Procreate. Make your favorite outfit from this collection by learning pattern making and draping techniques on a dress form. Fashion Collection display will be made using Procreate software. Prerequisite: Basic Sewing Fashion & Home Decor or equivalent.