High School Students

(ages 15+)

Summer Programs for High School Students

Prepare for the next school year! Accelerate your studies through our New Work for Credit classes or maintain your class standing through our Credit Recovery offerings.  Our summer program follows the core curriculum of NJ Standards for Education and you’ll be learning with instructors and students from local high schools!  Classes begin at the end of June.  

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New Work for Credit
Advance your HS academics!  Are you looking to switch math tracks?  Did you run out of room in your schedule for a required course? Take courses this summer to optimize your school year.

Credit Recovery
Do you need to retake a course to improve your grade or stay on track to earn your HS diploma credits? These courses are for you!

Get ready to improve your SAT or ACT scores in live interactive sessions with instructors who will share tips, tricks and best test strategies to follow.  

Try something new – beyond your HS experiences.  Become more well-rounded with this selection of fun and engaging activities that will feed your imagination and tap new skills!

Year-Round Online Self-Paced Courses (Ages 15+)

In cooperation with Ed2Go® – an exclusive online learning provider for colleges and universities – we’re glad to offer a rich library of instructor-guided and self-paced courses!

Instructor-Led courses are designed for structured group learning, featuring an instructor-moderated discussion board interactive tool.  This way you can interact with your session cohort and schedule your work around your schedule.

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Sample Courses Include:

Academic Enrichment

Personal Enrichment