CP-350 | Certified Logistics Associate/Certified Logistics Technician

Certified Logistics Associates/Technicians are entry-level logistics professionals that assist with the delivery, distribution, and storage of products. Retail, warehouse, and shipping companies hire our students to manage the inventory of products, including receiving, packing, shipping, and processing orders. Graduates apply for jobs as laborers, freight stockers, material mover and handlers, customer service representatives, and logistics technicians. Students learn the necessary skills and knowledge for material handling jobs. Students who successfully complete the training and pass all four assessments will receive two certifications from the Manufacturing Skills Standards Council (MSSC), an industry-recognized credentialing agency. A Certified Logistics Associate/Technician has an average earning potential for salary in the United States of $34,000 per year, depending on experience, certifications, and job performance. With the increased demand in e-commerce, there is a robust future job outlook for Certified Logistics Associates/Technicians. No experience is necessary. The curriculum includes:

  • Product ordering, receiving and storage
  • Logistics environment including transportation modes, customs, and dispatch
  • Material handling equipment
  • Safe material handling & equipment operation
  • Quality control
  • Workplace communication and teamwork
  • Supervisory skills
  • Using computers for logistics

Total Program Hours:70 hours
Industry Credentials: Certified Logistics Associate Certificate and Certified Logistics Technician Certificate

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