Registration Suggestions for Multi-Child Families in the Summer Middle/High School Program

Using the same email address to enroll multiple children in the Summer Middle/High School Programs allows you to keep notifications and confirmations in the same place, but you’ll need to follow the following steps to streamline the process:

  1. Please register your child with their name and birthday, not yours. This will provide each child with a separate and secure Bergen Community College account and username.
  2. After selecting REGISTER & PAY, you will be prompted to SIGN IN with the student’s USERNAME (if you created one previously), or create a NEW ACCOUNT.
  3. IMPORTANT!: Do not use your email address as the USERNAME, even though it may appear in the USERNAME field.  Clear the field and type in a new USERNAME.
  4. Create a unique USERNAME for each person you register. Store them for future use.  This account will be available to your student for future programs at Bergen Community College.