Career Development and Accreditation Courses

120 Hour Project Management

Project Management is a globally-recognized skill set and career path that is in high demand in a multitude of industries.  Certification assures employers that you have the knowledge, experience and education to effectively lead a project from inception to production. 

30 Hour OSHA Construction Industry Health & Safety Certification

The 30-hour Construction OSHA Outreach Training Program is intended to provide a variety of training to workers with some safety responsibility. Training emphasizes hazard identification, avoidance, control, and prevention.

Course attendees must have 2 forms of I.D.; one must be a State I.D. with a photo. At successful course completion, a $10.00 fee is due to the instructor to receive the 30-hour Construction Safety OSHA Certification I.D. Cards delivered after the course has ended.

IMPORTANT NOTE: According to OSHA regulations: to receive certification absolutely


75 Hour Real Estate Salesperson Lic. course

This course is designed for those who are interested in studying modern real estate transactions, real estate law, real estate commission rules and regulations and the components of the Real Estate Licensing Examination. It is approved by the State of New Jersey for those who plan to take the Real Estate Licensing Examination. Please note: A criminal background check is required by the State of New Jersey prior to licensing.
Required textPrinciples and Practices of New Jersey Real Estate, (Kovats, 20th Ed.). Available at the BCC Bookstore.

AWS Welding Training

This welding training program provides students with a thorough knowledge of basic welding skills leading to an AWS S.E.N.S.E. Level 1 Certification. Students will learn about welding and production processes and how to use welding equipment and tools as well as study topics that include: sheilded and gas metal arc welding, welding fabrication, rigging, industrial safety, weld symbol identification and blueprint reading.  Training cost $4,800 (includes one exam fee for AWS).


Our B2B networking events are open to anyone who would like to attend. The format includes an informal hour of networking with a light breakfast, followed by a valuable presentation of an industry leader. These events are always free. 

Basic to Intermediate Blueprint Reading

This 40-hour in depth course is an introduction to reading blueprints and architectural working drawings, understand how to use scales, read symbols, learn to locate and interpret sections, profiles and cross sections, learn to read and understand schedules, details and notes.

Please bring the course textbook to the first class session. This course must be completed prior to registering for: CD 582 Construction Estimating Basics and CD 136 Advanced Blueprint Reading.

Required texts: Building Trades Print Reading Part 2 – Sixth Ed. – Residential & Light Commercial Construction, Building Trades Print Reading Part 2 “Plans” published by American Technical Publishers. Textbooks are available at the BCC Bookstore.

Blood Borne Pathogens Certificate

This classroom course, led by an American Heart Association certified Instructor or Facilitator, teaches employees how to protect themselves and others from being exposed to blood or blood-containing materials.

BLS for Healthcare Providers

This five-hour course follows the guidelines of the American Heart Association (AHA) for healthcare providers, professional rescuer level certification in Basic Life Support (BLS).

Cardiac Rhythm Interpretation Course

This 20-hour comprehensive course will assist healthcare workers in acquiring essential skills for identification of basic cardiac arrhythmia's. This program promotes a step-by-step method of rhythm strip analysis and incorporates “hands on” skills practice sessions. Competency will be assessed by the instructor by written examination and with use of simulation.


This program is designed to provide educational hours towards a nationally recognized credential for those in the early childhood profession who care for children from birth to age five. You must have completed Part I.

Central Sterile Processing Technician (previously HY 008)

This 460-hour course provides students with theoretical and practical skills required to decontaminate, sterilize, prepare, assemble and dispense surgical and procedural instruments. Technicians are hired by acute care facilities, ambulatory care and dental facilities responsible for performance of sterile surgical procedures. Upon completion of the 60 hour theory portion of the program students will continue their studies by working in the clinical setting for a required 400-hour clinical (non-paid) internship.

Certificate in Project Management

Project Management is a globally-recognized skill set and career path that is in high demand in a multitude of industries.  Certification assures employers that you have the knowledge, experience and education to effectively lead a project from inception to production.

Certificate in Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is part of doing business in the new millennium.

If your business isn’t already active on social networking sites, NOW is the time to start.

Construction Official

This 45-hour course is divided into four main areas: Administration, Legal Methods of Code Enforcement, Legislation and Sub-Code. This course reviews the duties of the construction code official.

Prerequisite: Sub Code Official

EKG Skills Certification

This course prepares students to enhance job skills and performance in hospitals, cardiology offices, cardiac rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and continued care facilities. Proper 12 lead ECG electrode placements, performance, troubleshooting technical problems, and application of a 24-hour Holter Monitor will be practiced. Recognition of normal and abnormal tracings, medical terminology and medical abbreviations applicable to ECG's will be discussed.

ESL for Health Professions

This ESL course is designed for students interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare industry, and whose first language is other than English.  ESL for Healthcare provides foundational healthcare concepts as students learn important language to use when in the healthcare setting with patients, physicians, and fellow workers.  Language skills are practiced in realistic ways to simulate English use in the workplace.  (Prerequisite: Placement Test, ESL III, or Advanced II)

Excel I

This class will introduce students to the basics including creating spreadsheets, formulas, functions, text, formatting & graphics. Students will be able to perform basic (introductory) level Excel skills such as modifying an existing worksheet, building worksheets, copying & moving cells, etc.

Excel III - Advanced Data Analysis

Become an Excel Power-user or sharpen your skills!!!

If you perform any of the following tasks, this class is a must: accounting/budgeting, data analysis, forecasting or collection/verification of business data.

This class explores the advanced features of Excel 365/2019/2016 and will teach attendees how to: automate worksheet functionality, analyze data, work with multiple workbooks, explore data and import/export XML data. This class is geared toward participants who are already familiar with Excel but would like to become more proficient with more advanced functions of Excel: master Vlookup/Hlookup functions, nested IF Functions, SumIF Functions, PivotTables & PivotCharts, conditional formatting, record a simple macro, What If Analysis using: Goal Seek features, single variable data tables, double variable data tables, the Scenario Manager feature.


Integrated Marketing

Integrated Marketing Communications is part of doing business in the new millennium.

Introduction to Teaching

This pre-service course is framed around two critical areas: (1) an overview of and preparation for the skills and tools needed for the teaching profession; and (2) essential attitudes and dispositions needed to maintain poise as novice teachers in diverse communities. This course is comprised of 50 hours including 30 hours of instruction, 8 hours of classroom observation, and 12 hours of clinical experience. The course will provide the participant with a “clinical” opportunity through structured observations in a school setting. In addition, 12 hours of clinical work such as tutoring or substitute teaching will offer candidates the opportunity to work with students in an authentic environment. 


Machine Tool Technology

This up-to-date curriculum provides the current theoretical, technological, and practical experience necessary for employment and advancement in the industry. The program prepares students for employment as Machinists, Machine Tool Operators, Machinist Parts Inspectors, and Machine Technologists.  

Medical Billing Certification Course

This 200-hour program introduces the student to health insurance and reimbursement. In this course the student will become familiar with common medical billing practices, the health insurance industry, legal and regulatory issues and differences in reimbursement methodologies. The student will learn principles of medical billing related to proper claim form preparation, submission, and payment processing, and the follow up process.

Medical Terminology

This 40-hour course is designed to provide a foundation for all health profession programs. Students will learn the universal language of medicine by identifying root words, prefixes and suffixes commonly used in the healthcare industry.

Pharmacy Technician Certification Program

This 300-hour comprehensive course, will provide instruction for entry level employment as a Certified Pharmacy Technician (ChPT) within the healthcare industry. This program focuses on employment in health care facilities (hospitals or long term care) , direct order pharmacies and/or pharmaceutical companies. Retail pharmacy employment is also an option for graduates of this program.

Phlebotomy Technician Skills Certification

This 80-hour course provides an introduction to the methods and techniques of phlebotomy by providing skills necessary to perform venipuncture and capillary (finger) sticks for the purpose of drawing and processing blood samples within a health care facility or laboratory setting. Course includes: review of anatomy and physiology of the hemapoetic system and common blood diseases; associated medical terminology; blood borne pathogen education; laboratory clinical practice skills. During clinical laboratory sessions, students perform technical skills for collecting capillary and venipuncture blood specimens on manikin arms and on volunteer human subjects.

PMP ExamPrep Bootcamp

 PMP® Certification is the most important industry-recognized certification for Project Managers.

QuickBooks Pro Advanced

Master in QuickBooks from the Pro and Intermediate levels to prepare the QuickBooks Certified exam. Learn materials from QuickBooks desktop certified exam: Setup, utilities and product knowledge, List management, items, sales, purchases, payroll, reports, basic accounting, and customization and saving time modules. Prerequisite:  QuickBooks Intermediate or approval from Instructor. Prerequisite:  Basic mouse and keyboards skills and knowledge of Windows.  Some knowledge of bookkeeping is helpful. Use the software program in the "real world" at the completion of the course

Sign Language I

American Sign Language ( ASL) Beginner

Sign Language III Intermediate

Sign Language III – Intermediate

American Sign Language courses may be taught without voice.

If you are unsure what level is appropriate for you, contact Andrea Schaffel, Program Supervisor at 201 493-8975 or


Sign Language IV Conversational

Sign Language IV – Conversational

American Sign Language courses may be taught without voice.

To register call 201 447-7488

If you are unsure what level is appropriate for you, contact Andrea Schaffel, Program Supervisor at 201 493-8975 or