CD-354 | Interior Lighting

This course will provide an exciting Introduction or refresher in the principles of good lighting design. Learn practical information on lamps, fixtures, controls, as well as new developments in lighting technology, including fiber optics and LED’s.

Prerequisite: CD-331 | Principles of Interior Design

Interior Lighting

The course will be comprised of many facets of lighting design and includes:

  • The effect of color and light on human emotions, LRV – Light Reflectance Value
  • Fundamentals of lighting a variety of spaces, Form follows function
  • Survey of a wide variety of luminaries from functional to decorative
  • The role of Daylighting and connections to nature
  • Recent advances in lighting, LED light, controls and the smart home
  • Understanding and creating a reflected ceiling plan
  • Students prepare a lighting plan and presentation illustrating a variety of lighting concepts.


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