Manufacturing and Logistics Courses

CP 311 | Welding Training Level I

Welding is one of the fastest-growing occupations in America and career opportunities in welding span from indoor welding to underwater welding. This course prepares students for a Level 1 entry-level position in the welding field. Entry-level welders have an average earning potential of $33,000, while experienced welders can make up to $68,250 per year depending on experience, certifications, and job performance. No experience is necessary. Good hand to eye coordination is a plus. At the completion of this course, students are eligible to receive the nationally recognized American Welding Society (AWS) SENSE certification. In order to receive the SENSE Certification, students need to pass knowledge-based assessments, workmanship sample procedures, and Performance Qualification Tests. All of the assessments will be given during this course. Curriculum and hands-on training include:

  • Use of welding equipment and tools
  • Shielded and gas metal arc welding
  • Welding fabrication and rigging
  • Weld symbol identification
  • Blueprint reading

Total Program Hours: 150 hours
Industry Credential: American Welding Society SENSE